Module 2: Webinar 10

Drawing On The Knowledge Of Other Professionals

Topics Covered

Date held: 15th December, 2013
Run Time: 58 minutes

Topics Covered

I invited Piers Bullock, a professional trader to speak in this webinar.

Piers trades for Pyne, a proprietary trading house in the City of London. He is also their head of training.

He trades FX, equity, fixed income and energy markets with techniques ranging from pure price action scalping via the order book to technical trading from charts.

Piers brings 9 years experience to the game and has used this experience to train up professional traders at 3 prop trading firms. In light of this, it is a fantastic opportuntity to learn from another professional.

Piers discusses:

  • Trader personality vs market personality: How novices often choose wildly inappropriate markets and trade them in an inappropriate manner
  • Trader attitude - How experience shows
  • Trading psychology
  • Structuring your day/week/month - how to anticipate market activity and trade accordingly

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