Module 2: Webinar 01

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Trading...But Were Afraid To Ask!

Webinar Details

Date held: 27th January, 2013
Run Time: 97 minutes

Topics Covered

This webinar answers a number of questions related to trading. It is aimed at those near the beginning of their trading journey. I discuss:

  • Is trading just gambling?
  • What type of trading is most profitable? Scalping? Swing trading? Position trading?
  • Do the traders that make millions have any edge that the average retail trader cannot get?
  • How much capital do you need to begin trading?
  • How much can you earn trading?
  • Do non-discretionary systems work?
  • Does a vast number of people trading the same "edge" stop it working?
  • How long will it take you to learn to trade?
  • Are you looking at the same chart as the professionals? The difference between un-adjusted and continuous futures charting.
  • Do you need any special tools to trade effectively?

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