Educational Material

From 2012 onwards, I presented a detailed look at my trading approach and the strategies I use each day, as a professional Futures, FX and Crypto trader.

Whilst the material in both the webinar series and the course is similar, the format is very different.

The webinars can be purchased and viewed individually to understand how I trade a particular setup or approach a key concept. The material in them can be understood and implemented, independently of the others.

For example, if you already have a profitable strategy but are interested in how I approach the issue of trading psychology, you can find a webinar on it here.

At the same time, viewed in order, as a whole, they present a comprehensive overview of my strategies and approach to the financial markets.

The trading course covers similar material but was recorded far more recently and involves more interactivity, including exercises to complete and access to a Slack group which I am present in, to help you grow as a trader.

Trading Webinars

Module 1 focuses on my swing trading strategy.

Module 2 focuses on core concepts, advanced techniques for swing trading, building your trading business and increasing performance.

Module 3 focuses on my short term strategy as I apply it in the Bund (German 10yr Govt Bond).

Trading Course

A comprehensive course teaching both my swing and short term strategies.

It includes:

26 Pre-recorded Lessons
Key Exercises to complete
10 Pre-recorded Q&A Sessions
Access to a Student Slack