Module 2: Webinar 05

Mapping Your Market

Webinar Details

Date held: 2nd June, 2013
Run Time: 72 minutes

Topics Covered

The vast majority of my trades fall into two categories:

  • Those in which I identify an area to do business and simply set a limit order to enter at the level with a stop and target
  • Those in which I identify an area at which to watch the price action to decide whether to enter and exactly when to enter

By effectively mapping your market, the trader knows exactly what they are looking for at the start of each day.

This webinar, therefore, takes a look at how to map your market for profitable trading.

This involves bringing together all the technical concepts covered in previous webinars into our charts in order to work out the best areas to do business at and enable the trader to approach the market each day with a clear plan.

However, in this webinar we also take the method one step further by expanding on the material discussed in the February 2013 webinar "Choosing Your Market To Specialise In", and looking at how I map my market for trading one market on the 5m timeframe.

The technique, which I will demonstrate, can easily be taken to any other market of your choice.

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