Module 3: Webinar 01

Price Discovery And Finding Value

Webinar Details

Date held: 28th May, 2015
Run Time: 70 minutes

Topics Covered

Introductory webinar #1: An Introduction To Module 3.
Introductory webinar #2: Setting Up To Trade.

Both the above webinars are included with the purchase of this webinar.
I also include a link to a folder with my chart definitions (these can be imported into Investor RT), a simple excel spreadsheet for tracking performance and more.

I cover order flow dynamics in FX and Futures markets as they are understood and interpreted from a study of price movement on charts. I discuss:

  • How markets move and find value
  • Market structure
  • Market rhythm
  • Why the institutional traders need your liquidity and how they get it
  • How and where traders get trapped and how this can be exploited for profit
  • The psychology of traders during breakouts and retests
  • Are the popular candlestick patterns simply a lagging indicator?

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