Edges for Ledges

                                                   Starting January 2017, I am presenting a new and innovative service for serious traders.

Six days each week, you will receive a short, highly informative recording, to include:

- Monday's Markets: A look at the best opportunities across the markets. I will guide you through the key areas to do business including entries, stops and targets.

- Tuesday's Trades: I will record every single trade that takes place that day and provide a play by play look at them after hours.

- Wednesday's Workshop: A discussion of profitable strategies that you can use in your own trading.

- Thursday's Tips: Specific tips on best practices covering all aspects of trading.

- Fixed Income Friday: For Bund traders.

- Saturday's Statistics: A close look at specific statistics for individual markets to assist you in your decision making.

The recordings will be around 10 to 15 minutes. I will send these out via a private Twitter feed that you will
be given access too when subscribing.


The first 50 subscribers will pay 10 per month.

After each block of 50 subscribers, the "market" will be closed. If you try to subscribe and see the message "This product is out of stock", it is because the current block is old out.

The new price, which will increase by 10 each week, will go live every Saturday at 2PM UK Time.

The price will also go down if people unsubscribe.

e.g. The 301st subscriber will pay 70. But if just two people suddenly unsubscribe the cost will be just 60 again.

The current price is: 60

NOTE: This is a one off charge that provides access for the month of January only. There is no re-curring billing at this time.

Subscribers will start to be added to the private Twitter feed throughout December.

Sign up information:

Please fill out your Twitter handle during checkout.

Before making payment, please read the Risk Disclaimer and the Terms and Conditions. Making a payment presumes you have agreed to them.

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