Live Trading Room

                                                   The aim of the live trading room is for me to show the theory from my educational material in practice.

From Monday - Friday, 06:30 17:00 UK, I broadcast live from my trading desk.

I trade two strategies in the room. The first is a swing trading strategy that I trade across all markets including Forex, Bonds, Indices and Commodities.
This strategy has been taught via two series of webinars that are available here.

The second is a short term trading strategy (traded on 5m charts) in which I concentrate exclusively on the Bund.
This strategy is currently being taught here.

I start each morning by highlighting a plan for the day including the key areas of interest.
I then call all the the trades as I take them including entries, stops, targets and then provide detailed coverage of their management.

The cost of the live room is 74.99 per month.

If you would like a seat in the live room, please send me an email at

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