Special Webinar: How To Get A Job As A Trader

                                                   Webinar Details:

Date held: 27th April, 2014.

Length: 90 minutes.

Topics covered:

For this webinar, which is the final one in the two year series, I invited back special guest Piers Bullock,
a professional trader and head of training for Pyne, a proprietary trading house in the City of London.

Having traded in prop myself and managed to help several of my students to secure places,
I explain exactly what you need to do to increase your chances of getting backing from a prop firm to trade.

At the same time, since Piers is directly involved in recruiting prop traders there is
no one better to advise you on how to secure a place at a firm.

We discuss:

- Why work in prop and not trade from home?
- What you can expect from the job.
- How prop firms assess their applicants and what you need to know to pass the assessments.
- How to impress at interview stage.
- Another route into prop trading if you fail at the assessment/interview stage.
- What to do if all else seems to be failing.

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