What is taught on the course?

                                                   Below are some of the key elements that are covered in the course:

- Who you are playing against and what the playing field is like.
- Understanding the relationship between probability and pay off in creating your edge. The role of luck.
- The implications of trading as a business.
- Knowing yourself: What is your edge over the next trader? What is their edge over you? How to overcome your weaknesses and play to your strengths.
- How to set up a professional trading desk.
- Choosing an excellent broker to maximise your edge.
- Understanding the essential tools of the trade, including why you might not be looking at the same chart as the professionals - The difference between un-adjusted and continuous futures charting.
- The market dynamics: How markets move and advertise themselves to find value.
- Why the institutional traders need liquidity and specifically how they get it.
- How and where traders get trapped and what to look for to exploit this for profit.
- Why the commonly taught price action trading techniques are no better than "lagging indicators".
- Exactly how and where to draw the most effective support/resistance levels.
- Identifying day types for estabilishing intraday directional biases.
- Identifying which are the key levels to do business at: Where to enter, place a stop and a profit target to swing trade effectively using only a simple candlestick chart.
- The highest probability trade you can make when the market gaps either up or down.
- How to read Market Profile charts to make better trading decisions.
- How to read order flow effectively from a DOM to not only refine entries but spot setups you can't see from standard charting pratices.
- How to read a footprint chart and how you can use it to take high probability trades with excellent payoffs
- Using volume profiling to isolate areas to trade at.
- How risk/reward is not a static concept and why moving to break even does not create a "free trade".
- When to hold and when to fold: How to trail a stop effectively when the market moves in your favour. What to look for to get out of a losing position before the market hits your stop.
- Risk management and position sizing.
- Understanding market correlations.
- How to effectively "work an area".
- Pyramid positioning to achieve high returns.
- Specific techniques for growing a small account.
- Positioning into and out of news and effectively trading market rumours.
- Understanding time of day and how it affects the market.
- Keeping effective trading logs and analysing them to increase performance.
- Specific drills to practice to increase your trading performance.
- Understanding market sentiment and spotting when to join it and when to fade it.
- Focusing on a specific market: Fitting the market to the traders personality. Building a profile on your market.
- The specific routine to follow each day for success. How to organise yourself before, during and after market hours whether you are a full time of part time trader.
- Devising a process for continual self improvement.
- How to build a detailed trading plan to achieve success and creating a visual map to make sure you can identify profitable trades, quickly.

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