Premium Webinar Subscription

                                                   For those that are unable to attend the webinars or would simply like to re-watch them at a later date,
I have introduced a premium subscription.

A premium webinar subscription provides:

- A recording of each webinar. These are not made available to regular attendees.

- Access to an archive of all previous supporting webinars.

Many of these are webinars which discuss previous trades and potential setups around that particular week.
However, the archive also includes:

  • Special Q&A Session for 2015

    This webinar discusses:
    - "Black Thursdays" events in EUR/CHF and how it affected me.
    - A students trades.
    - What news to consider when trading.
    - Why price reacts to levels.
    - How much space is required between a breakout and a subsequent retest.
    - The best times of day to trade the Bund.
    - Targets for gap trades.
    - The correct stop placement for swing trades.

  • Profiting From The Inside Day Failure pattern

    In this webinar, I take a detailed look at one of the profitable price patterns I use on a regular basis.
    This can also be purchased separately here.

  • Special Guest Webinar

    In this webinar, Simon Maelzer from MacroVigilance discusses:
    Stochastic Fractal Processes - Understanding them, modelling them and making money from them.

  • Trading The Short Term Time Frames

    This webinar provides an overview of my short term time frame trading strategy.
    This can also be purchased separately here.

  • Market Mapping

    In this webinar, I discuss how I draw levels using the EuroStoxx50 and the EUR/USD as examples.

  • How To Setup A Professional Trading Desk

    This webinar takes a detailed look at my trading setup in 2016. It covers:
    - The hardware, charting software, brokers, news feeds and calendars I use.
    - Where I get my information on various economic and market metrics.
    - What I use for my trading journal.
    This can also be purchased separately here.

  • How To Organise Your Trading Day To Maximise Your Success

    In this webinar, I discuss my daily and weekly trading routines.
    This can also be purchased separately here.

  • A Blueprint For Trading Success

    In this webinar, I consider the key concepts to consider when trading for a living.
    This webinar can also be seen on YouTube here.

  • Creating A Visual Map

    In this webinar, I discuss:
    - How to create a visual map for your trading strategy.
    - How to trade an SFP.
    - When I stand aside from trading a good level.
    - Brainstorming unexpected eventualities...and more.

  • Stop Moaning And Start Improving

    This webinar is a no holds barred look at the mistakes traders specific techniques for self improvement.
    This webinar can also be seen on YouTube here.

  • Five Setups

    In this webinar, I discuss five profitable trading setups that I regularly trade.

  • Special Q&A Session for 2016

    In this webinar, I answer many questions including:
    - What my view is on backtesting.
    - What the top five things are that keep me out of a setup at a good level.
    - The strike rate statistics for my swing strategy.
    - My problem with MT4.
    - The track record I used to get into prop trading.
    - How I use the ATR to trade.
    - Under what circumstances I exit trades early before they hit my stop or target.
    - How long I hold trades for.
    - If I had to trade only one setup which one it would be...and more!

  • Stop Moaning And Start Improving Part 2

    In this webinar, I take a detailed look at how to use your trading journal to improve performance.
    This webinar can also be seen on YouTube here.

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The cost of subscription is 29 per month.

NOTE: It may take up to 72 hours to send you access information. I will only start your subscription from the time I send you the email.

Before making payment, please read the Risk Disclaimer and the Terms and Conditions.
Making a payment presumes you have agreed to them.

General Information

Access information will be sent to the email address linked to your PayPal account unless you notify me differently.
You should receive confirmation of your payment and a link to the webinars within 24 hours of sign up.

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