Special Webinar: Module 3

                                                   Welcome to the third and final modue of my special webinar series.

The first two modules, which can be found here, covered my complete strategy for swing trading the financial markets using hourly charts.

In this new series, I will be detailing how I day trade the market using five minutes charts.

This material, previously unavailable outside of my live trading course, will cover my daily decision making processes in great detail.

Over the course of 12 webinars, we will be covering:

- Order flow dynamics: How markets move and advertise themselves to find value.
- How and where traders get trapped and what to look for to exploit this for profit.
- Identifying and profiting from institutional flows.
- Identifying day types for estabilishing intraday directional biases.
- Exactly how and where to draw the most effective support/resistance levels.
- Understanding how to draw an effective market map to locate the key areas to do business on a given day.
- How to read Market Profile charts to make better trading decisions.
- How to read order flow effectively from a DOM to not only refine entries but spot setups you can't see from standard charting pratices.
- Understanding a footprint chart and how you can use it to profit.
- Pulling the trigger: Where to enter, place a stop and a profit target.
- When to hold and when to fold your trade.
- Trade management principles including trailing stops and early exits to cut losses short. - Risk management.
- How to effectively "work an area".
- How to build a position in anticipation of a directional move.
- Positioning into and out of news and effectively trading market rumours.
- Understanding time of day and how it affects the market.
- Keeping effective trading logs and analysing them to increase performance.
- Specific drills to practice to increase your trading performance.
- The specific routine to follow each day for success. How to organise yourself before, during and after market hours.
- How to build a detailed trading plan to achieve success and creating a visual map to make sure you can identify profitable trades, quickly.

The market I focus on to both teach and trade these techniques is the Bund but you can take them into other markets.

Please note that you will need to be able to access a DOM, Market Profile and footprint charts to fully implement the material.

If you have any questions regarding these tools, please feel free to contact me.

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However, it is possible to sign up for the entire 12 webinar series at the cost of 149.95.

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